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What is Google Cardboard?

GCardboard which was inspired by Google Cardboard is a low-cost option to allow you to experience virtual reality. Hundreds of VR apps have been developed for use with GCardboard that range from roller coaster simulators to being able to walk among dinosaurs. GCardboard is compatible with both Android and iOS/iPhone. Simply download some VR apps, slip in your phone and enter the world of virtual reality. 

We offer a range of colours and custom printing options. This allows your headset to be unique and fit your style. Whether you require GCardboard printing for an event/presentation or simply as a gift to your customers, it's a great personal touch that allows you to express your company's creativity and culture.

Android & iOS Compatible

Our GCardboard headsets which have been inspired by Google Cardboard are compatible with both Android and iPhones.

High Quality Cardboard

We use high grade cardboard with all of our headsets to ensure they look good and feel great!

NFC Chip Included

All GCardboard headsets are supplied with NFC chips pre-installed to make the VR experience seamless.

Our Favourite Apps

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